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Our product range includes a wide range of 3296w 103 trimpot potentiometer and helipot potentionmeter 3590s mexico.

3296W 103 Trimpot Potentiometer

  • 3296W 103 Trimpot Potentiometer
  • 3296W 103 Trimpot Potentiometer

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity100 Piece
Standard Resistance Range10 ohms to 2 mega-ohms
Resistance Tolerance+/-10%
Insulation ResistanceDC 500 V
Dielectric StrengthAC 350 to 900 V
Effective Travel25 turns
Operating Temperature-55 Degree C to +125 Degree C


  • Connected to one end of the resistive track


  • By moving this terminal we get variable voltage


  • Connected to another end of the resistive track


  • Multi-turn / Cermet / Industrial / Sealed
  • 5 terminal styles
  • Tape and reel packaging available
  • Chevron seal design
  • Mounting hardware available (H-117P)
  • RoHS compliant

Brief Description:

  • Trim pots are also known as preset potentiometers used for adjustment, calibration and tuning purpose in circuits. They are easily mountable on PCB boards and adjusted by a screwdriver. The resistive track is made up of carbon composition or cermet. When replacing with normal potentiometers, remember their life span is not so long. There are different types of trimmer pots available in market such as through hole, smd, single and multi-turn variation.

How to Use a Trimmer:

  • To use a Trimpot potentiometer simply connect the CCW and CW terminal with positive supply and ground terminal respectively and get variable output voltage from the wiper terminal. To change the output voltage rotate the screw on the top of the Trim pot. This screw rotate the wiper placed inside the pot, which varies the resistance.



  • Voltage and Current Control Circuits
  • Used as volume control knobs in radios
  • Tuning or controlling circuits
  • Analog input control knobs
  • 2D-Model

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Helipot Potentionmeter 3590s Mexico

  • Helipot Potentionmeter 3590s Mexico
  • Helipot Potentionmeter 3590s Mexico

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Product Brochure

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity50 Piece
Model Name/Number3590 S
Standard Resistance Range200 to 100 K ohms
Total Resistance Tolerance+- 5 %
Independent Linearity+- 0.25 %
Operating Temperature Range-40 degree C to +125 degree C
Storage Temperature Range-55 degree C to +125 degree C

  • Bushing mount
  • Optional AR pin feature
  • Plastic or metal shaft and bushings
  • Wirewound
  • Solder lugs or PC pins
  • Sealable (Full body seal)
  • Designed for use in HMI applications
  • RoHS compliant

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